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You Fool İ-mentioned

TheWhiteGentleman's sister-mentioned

No Visor


TheWhiteGentleman:Guys i have news!

octal:Again your brother is joining?


MrEgg:Your sister?

TheWhiteGentleman:No Actually I saw someone who wanted to play with us and I told him to come too...

Blaze:Well who is he?

*Marionoob joins to lobby*


Blaze:İ guees its marionoob

MrEgg:But why his name is marionoob

i guess he does not loves mario

Marionoob:well lets start?

octal is impostor

TheWhiteGentleman:So mario noob are you have tasks here?

Mario Noob:no

TheWhiteGentleman:Well take care

Marionoob:İ an sure he is hiding something but nvm

*in records*

MrEgg:Hey TheWhitegentleman what are you doing?

TheWhitegentleman:Just...Reading some books

MrEgg:Can i too read?

TheWhiteGentleman:NO...uhm i mean i neeed go

*runs away*

Butter:*reports body:MrCheese

Deads:MrCheese and TheGentleman

Butter:Wow double kill at engine

Octal:Any sus?

Marionoob:white is acting weird

MrEgg:Who is white???

MarioNoob:Uhm i mean thewhitegentleman

TheWhiteGentleman:what why!

MrEgg:yes i saw him reading a book on record but he didn't make me read it


Blaze:Well everyone i guess we should skip

*TheWhiteGentleman runs into the meeting room with 8 candles and a book.*

*octal follows it*

*thewhitegentleman puts the book in the middle of the table and places 8 candles around it*

Octal:Whats he doing?

*TheWhiteGentleman turns the pages of the book*

TheWhiteGentleman:Yes!!! i found it

Octal:Are you ok?

TheWhitegentleman:AHH*starts to hide everything*

Octal:İ have a task here but what is this book?

which book?

Octal:the book you just kept

*octal kills thewhitegentleman*

-above the book it said "legends among us"*

*and the open page number is the visor's page*

Octal:Phew we got it cheap

*MarioNoob enters to room*

Marionoob:Hey Octal have you seen-

Marionoob:*reports body:Thewhitegentleman*

*they eject octal*

after game

TheWhiteGentleman:octal i'm so sorry last thing i remember was sleeping in my bed

Octal:We must tell this to others

TheWhiteGentleman:I think we should keep it secret...


TheWhiteGentleman:we have to do as i said they will panic a lot

Octal:İ am not su-

*TheWhiteGentleman leaves*