Among us logic fanon Wiki


  • 2oo
  • Butters
  • Thresher (dark side)
  • Hacker
  • PoopyFarts95
  • GLaDOS
  • Octal
  • Alien
  • Hybrid


2oo pops in

Butters: Hello!

Thresher: Brace yourselves. I won’t lose this match.

2oo: OK



2oo: Ok, find my tasks…

Butters: What about the plan?

2oo: I was just —

Butters: Great! You agree. Let's go find them… OH MY —

Octal: Wake up. This isn't a joke.

*Alien is seen dead nearby, but the head isn't off!?*

Butters: *Reports the body*


Butters: I saw Alien dead, and Octal was talking to him!

Octal: Wait, he was dead!? HOW!?

Thresher: Ugh, such losers.

Octal: Is that Thresher? You sound like Thresher, but you behave differently.

Butters: Yeah.

Octal: I think I heard something about locking me up earlier?

2oo: That was just —

Butters: Well, I'm not letting go until I find that secret.

Octal: Good luck with that, then. Who are we voting?

2oo: No one. Not enough evidence.

Octal: Good point. I didn't even know he was dead!

Octal: Just do your tasks until more evidence is found!

Octal: *proceeds to fake download*

Thresher: Nice one.

Octal: He didn't look dead.

Thresher: Who to get next?

Octal: Butters knows too much.

Thresher: He's always with 2oo, though.

Octal: We can double kill.

Thresher: Here goes nothing!

Butters: Oh hello there. Come with me or SUFFER.

Octal: *oofs Butters*

Thresher: *reports body*


Thresher: I think it's 2oo.

Octal: Why?

Thresher: They're always together.

Octal: Is that enough evidence? He may have only seen who did it.

2oo: No. Butters said he had to go without me, and he did.

Octal: Huh… who is it then?

Thresher: Skip?

Everyone back to tasks!

Octal: Do we take on our tasks at O2, then?

Thresher: Sure.

Thresher: *sabotages reactor*

Octal: You knew what I was going to do!?

GLaDOS: *Fixes reactor*

GLaDOS: Welp that's done, this game is too easy

Octal: Change of plans, this DOS knows too much as well. *oofs GLaDOS right after reactor's fixed*

GLaDOS(as ghost): That wimp sure is to be respected.

Hybrid: Oh hello there, loser.

Octal: Who, me?

Hybrid: Of course! You don't know how to live without hacks, do you?

Octal: First of all, that's a minor hack. Second of all, I only do it with permission. Third, I normally fling. This is just a convenience. Fourth, it isn't even on!

Hybrid: Okay, you have me there.