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Among Us Logic I is a special episode where Infected replace the Impostors. They glow slightly, so they can be identified. Thresher and Octal started out Infected.


From Octal's perspective

No one knows what to do about the Infected. Octal, disguising himself as a normal crewmate, tricked a couple people(Captain, Player, Veteran, and Gamer). However, the crewmates learned a trick that Infects them, but cures the Infected. They agree to cure Octal first, being the most dangerous. It works, and Octal flees the infection. Later, Octal shows Player the fishing rod trick on the roof, and they work together to fling Infecteds into the lava. However, Octal soon learns that Player was in disguise. He flung from the cylindrical antenna to a tree, which he climbed. However, soon the Infecteds were coming from all directions. He went to his last hope: the lava itself. For some odd reason, Octal doesn't seem to care about the lava. Even so, when voted out on Polus, he stays inside and doesn't try to escape. They come from every direction, cooking every time with a satisfying sizzle. In this way, the Crewmates won.

From Thresher's perspective

Thresher handled a few other people. Gnome and Engineer are in the lobby, so infects them both.


The Crewmates won that game.