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Among Us Logic Mania is the first episode in the Among Us Logic Mania Series.







Player: Urghh, I am SO fed up of losing game after game!

Captain Joins Lobby (2/10)

Captain: Hey bud, how ya doing!

Player: (Sigh)

Captain: What's wrong bud?

Player: I'm just over with losing.

Captain: I heard you won a few games ago. Hornsly said so.

Player: Oh that guy. I haven't told you what happened.

Captain: What happened?

Player: Oh um- I'll tell you later.

TheGentleman and MrCheese Join (5/10)

TheGentleman: Why hello Captain.

Captain: Hey TheGentlmen, playing is feeling a little down today.

TheGentleman: Oh whats troubling you Player?

MrCheese: Haha! What's wrong this time you dumb dork moron?!

TheGentleman: Language! How many times do I tell you MrCheese?

Player: I keep losing, over and over again!

TheGentleman: What about that win with the robo-


Player: I didn't win, something.... else happened.

TheGentleman: What my dear boy?

Player: Ill tell you later.

Veteran: Alright, this is taking too long, lets start.

Impostor: Captain

Captain: Everyone Scatter!

Player: Don't you ever think it gets old saying that at the start of every game.

Captain: Nah. Besides, I got a different role this time!

Player: Wait... are you the Impost-

MrCheese: Hey what up morons?

Captain: MrCheese... what are you doing ruining my conversation with my best bud!

Player: I'm gonna reboot the wifi, see if I can win the game.

Player walks off to Communications

MrCheese: Awww, Player is running off to do tasks instead of staying with you.

Captain: Shut up MrCheese, time I take out the trash.

MrCheese: Uhh whad'ya mean?

Captain picks up MrCheese and chucks him in the lava pool.

MrCheese: Ahhh nooo... you monter!

Captain: Aint anyone finding that body in there!

TheGentleman: Captain, have you seen MrCheese?

Captain: Nope, no cheddar headed, people in this area, sorry TheGentleman.

Emergency Meeting (Veteran)

Veteran: Ok guys, I called this meeting cus I'm pretty sure I saw Captain chucking MrCheese in the lava pool.

TheGentleman: What?! What nonsense Mr. Captain.

Player: Hold up, Captain, you were talking with MrCheese earlier.

Captain: No I swear he left before that! Veteran is lying, you believe me Player, right bud?

Player: Well, that voice seems innocent to me. I'm voting for Veteran.

Veteran: What why me?!

Captain: Well, isn't it sus you saw me kill but I'm the Impostor.

TheGentleman: Veteran was running from the lava pit...

Veteran: Oh uhhh hehe, I was going for the butto-


Player: 0

TheGentleman: 0

Captain: 1

Veteran: 3

Mr Cheese: DEAD

Captain: Say goodbye, Cheddar Man.

MrCheese was not the Impostor (1 Impostor Remains)

Player: Well Captain, I really wanna win, so I guess we gotta vote you out.

Veteran: Ouch.

Captain: (Kills Veteran)

Player: Wow. This really sucks


  • While Player, Captain and TheGentleman were chatting in the lobby, an episode was mentioned a lot which is called The King Impostor
  • When MrCheese calls Player a "Dumb dork moron", it is a reference to multiple Among Us Logic Episodes.