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Among us Logically 1: 20 Player Game! is the first episode of the first season of Among us Logically, a series made by GamerZoneMinecraft


Player enters the lobby, and it is 3/20, Player sees Veteran with Captain and walks towards them.

Player: What the! 3 out of 20? That is not possible in a normal game!

Veteran: Hey Player, Captain found a mod that doesn't let you get banned, and it is so fun too!

Captain: Yep, Veteran is right bestie! I found a mod called "More Players Mod", but I call it MPM!

Veteran: Nobody calls it that!

Player: Finally a mod that won't get us ban- But what about there being 12 colors in Among us?

Captain: Everyone could use a color that is already used! For example, Angel can join now and stay yellow while Veteran is Online!

Veteran: Who is that Angel guy anyways?

Angel Joins and the 3/20 change to 4/20

Angel: Guy? What do I look like a boy?

Player: Hey Angel!

Veteran: (Speaking to Angel) Hello man I never saw you before what is your name?

Angel: You call me man? Player is that the best friend you told me about!

Captain: Best friend? You mean me? That yellow creature isn't player's best friend right Player?

Player: Uhhhh...

Veteran: Let's just start the game when it fills to 15, I don't want so much people!

Player: We are on Polus! It's a huge map, but not bigger than the upcoming map

MrCheese, MrEgg and TheGentleman join, Changing the 4/20 to 7/20

MrEgg: Hello there Captain

Gentleman: Good morning my good friends!

MrCheese: My name MrCheese!

Gentleman: Don't, just don't...

Captain: Alright imma set the limit from 20 to 15

7/20 change to 7/15, but then 8/15 after Mother joins

Mother: Hello everyone!

Franklin: (Talking to Player) Hi loser!

Player: (Frowns)

Mother: Language Franklin! Sorry guys, they grow up so fast!

Stoner (9/15), Engineer (10/15), Dum (11/15), Not-Orange (12/15), Blue (13/15), Poopyfarts96 (14/15) and Gnome (15/15) Join

Captain: Alright boys! Let's start the game!


ඞ ඞ ඞ

Player, Dum, MrEgg are all Impostors

Player with Veteran and Dum all go to Laboratory to the Submit Scan Task

Veteran: Alright, I have a task in the Scanner! (Starts Scanning)

Player: Alright, it is time you die

Veteran: No! I am too young!

Stoner: (Comes in) Yo what was that Player?

Player: (Kills Veteran)

Dum: (Kills Stoner)

Player: Come on let's hide! (Player and Dum Vent In the Bathroom)

Angel: (Comes into the room) Ha! That loser-Yellow-Crown-Guy that called me a boy died! I won't even report the body! (Walk out of the room and sees Not-orange and Blue Looking at her)

Not-Orange: Looks like we caught a murderer! (Reports Yellow/Veteran Body)

(In the Meeting, Everyone is alive except Veteran and Stoner)

Not-Orange: Everyone vote out Angel! She is a murderer!

Blue: We caught her next to the bodies

Engineer: What do you have to say for yourself Angel?

Angel: It is not me! I walked in and I saw the bodies! If I was the Impostor, I would Vent out of the room! Not walk!

Engineer: That... Is actually a pretty good reason, I can vouch for Angel!

Blue: But.. but..

Player: I think Blue and Not-Orange are right, it's Angel! She went with Veteran! I saw her

Dum: yup, that happened!

Angel: But...

Captain: Save it! All those in favor of casting Angel into the Lava pit of Polus, say I!

Everyone but Angel, Engineer, Gnome and the Dead people: I!

Angel Gets Ejected

Angel was not an Impostor

3 Impostors remain

Captain: Well, we might have been wrong, but still yea!

Screen Switches to Player and Dum in O2

Player: Alright, now that I am kind of Sus for lying about Angel walking with Veteran, what do I do? Dum where did you go?

Dum: (Kills Poopyfarts96) do this!

(Dead Body Reported - Orange Body)

(Dead People: Stoner, Veteran, MrCheese, Angel, Poopyfarts96)

Gentleman: MrEgg murdered MrCheese in front of my Eyes!

MrEgg: No! I don't kill people, that is my least favorite thing to do!

Gentleman: Then what happened?

MrEgg: So I was with TheGentleman and MrCheese, MrCheese says "My name MrCheese" so I stab him 69 times in the back!

Gentleman: And what does Stabbing people do?

MrEgg: I don't know

Gentleman: KILLS THEM!

MrEgg: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh (Gets Ejected)

MrEgg was an Impostor

2 Impostors remain

Player: oh my god where is Dum! I have been searching for over 10 Minutes now!

Dum: Hey Player! I was stabbing people!

Player: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh ok

(Dead Body Reported - Orange)

(5 People left: Player, Dum, Captain, Gentleman and Blue)

Blue: Not-Orange left me for a minute and I saw a person going into the vent, and Not-Orange was dead on the ground, his Mini-Crewmate was crying for Him

Player: Well, it is got to be the Gentleman!

Gentleman: I got out MrEgg!

Player: Captain?

Captain: I scanned alongside Blue and Not-Orange

Blue: that leaves 2 people

(Everyone looks at Player and Dum)

Player: Gets Ejected

Player: Can this game end already?

Player was an Impostor

The End


  • when MrEgg said "No! I don't kill people, that is my least favorite thing to do!", it was a reference to Llamas with Hats Episode 1 Linked here (
  • Player said: "Can this game end already" is a reference to Among us logic 12: the airship, in which player said "can 2020 be over already".
  • Veteran asking about Angel is a reference to Among us Logic 11, where Veteran is mistaken for being Angel and asking who she is.


Images for the Episode

Dum, MrEgg and Player, The Impostors of the Episode