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Among us Logically 2: Egg vs Cheese is the second episode of the first season of Among us Logically, a series made by GamerZoneMinecraft


MrEgg Joins the lobby which is 9/10, and sees the Gentleman with MrCheese

MrEgg: Hello sir! Nice to see you and MrCheese together like... Everyday!

Gentleman: Good evening MrEgg!

MrCheese: Yea, hello idiot!

Gentleman: MrCheese! Watch your words!

MrCheese: Sorry! I can't stay near that smelly egg after he killed me last episod- Game!

MrEgg: Oh, Sorry! You are so fat that I couldn't breath with you in the room!

Gentleman: Oh my god! Can you two stop it!

MrEgg: He started it!

Meanwhile, Captain was preparing for his announcement

Captain: Player, give me the paper

Player: What paper

Captain: That paper with text!

Player: Captain! Which paper with text!

Captain: The one I give you today

Veteran is looking at them while he is confused

Player: Captain, you gave me 2 papers

Captain: Yea, I did, I told you to give Dum one of them and the other for my announcement!

Player: Yea but which one is for the announcement? And which one is for Dum?

Captain: Uhhh, give me one of them and I will see if it is the right one

Someone named Captain 1 wearing a pirate hat colored Cyan joins the lobby (10/10)

Captain 1/Pirate: Ahoy there people! It is me! I am back!

Veteran: Hello back

Captain 1/Pirate: Do you seriously don't remember who I am?

Veteran: I do, but you said I am back, so I called you like your name

Captain 1/Pirate: Whatever

Captain: Dear Dum, oh wait Player wrong paper

Player: Giggles take this one instead

Dum: Awww

Captain: Today, we are playing with a mod downloaded from a totally safe not fake scamming website

Player: Off to a great start

Captain: It is called, the Sheriff role!

Sheriff: sounds good to me

Bro: Seems legit

Captain: the Sheriff is a role that is on the crewmates side, he has a kill button, and can kill anyone, if he kills someone that is not an Impostor, he and his target both die, if he kills an Impostor, he survives!

Player: Why do you need a paper, can't you remember this simple text?

Bro: Just start the game already bro

MrEgg: Sheriff seems like a good way to win the game and annoy MrCheese!

MrEgg gets a screen that says "Sheriff, there are 2 impostors among us"

Captain: Everyone scatter!

Gentleman, MrEgg and MrCheese all go to admin together

Gentleman: I need rest from you two fighting the entire time! See you later my friend

MrCheese: Why don't you take me instead?

Dead Body reported - Blue






Captain 1(Dead)//////Bro(Dead)

Player: Two bodies in Electrical! Either a double kill happened, or a Sheriff killed a Crewmate!

MrEgg: But I am the Sheriff!

Captain: You are not the Sheriff, you are a Sheriff

MrEgg: Explain to me sir?

Captain: There are 3 Sheriffs, so it is not a double kill, but a sheriff killed a crewmate!

MrEgg: Egg-cellent choice Captain!

Captain: well I suggest we vote on Sheriff

Sheriff: What, why?

Captain: Idk, you are, SUS

Sheriff: No!

Captain: All those in favor of casting Sheriff into the dark limitless void called space, say I!

Everyone but Sheriff and the dead people: I!

Sheriff: this is the second time!

Sheriff was a Sheriff, 2 Impostors remain

Captain: well now we have one Sheriff, perfect!


MrEgg: Guess I am the only Sheriff left

MrEgg in the mirror: Don't give up!

MrEgg: Who are you?

MrEgg in the mirror: I am you, but a reflection!

MrEgg: Oh (looks behind him and sees Player)

Player: Don't try and scream, no one is gonna save you

MrEgg: what the, MrPlayer?

Player: Yes, but you know what I did? Well, nothing, the other Impostor killed Dum and Veteran, and now Killing you is my only way of winning

MrEgg: But MrPlayer... Wait you are not MrCheese disguised as Player again right?

Player: No, In fact... wait what do you mean by again?

MrEgg: Never mind that

Player: Anyways, as I was about to say, In fact, MrCheese is the second Impostor, and now you are done for

MrEgg: well, there is always something that makes you lose

Player: and what is it?

MrEgg: You are an Impostor right?

Player: yea...

MrEgg: You should have killed Gentleman or Captain

Player: why?

MrEgg: Because, I am, not a crewmate, I am.... THE SHERIFF!!!!

Player: WHAT! (Gets killed by MrEgg)

MrEgg: (Dead Body Reported - Red)

Captain: What the heck is going on here, 2 Impostors and 2 Crewmates? Shouldn't have the game ended already?

MrEgg: In fact, it is 1 Impostors, and 3 Crewmates, or 2 Crewmates and 1 Sheriff to be egg-xact

Gentleman: Wait, MrEgg, you were the Sheriff all along?

MrEgg: Yes indeed sir.

Captain: That means MrEgg is indeed a Hero

MrCheese: he isn't, he is a dumb dork idiot

MrEgg: Don't speak to me like that you piece of cheese! Or should I say, THE IMPOSTOR!

Captain: Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

Gentleman: what was that Captain?

Captain: Music! Well, I suggest we vote out TheGentleman for not appreciating my Music!

MrEgg: that isn't the most Egg-cellent choice sir!


Gentleman: ඞඞ (MrCheese and Captain)

Captain: ඞ (Gentleman)

MrCheese ඞ (MrEgg)

Gentleman was not an Impostor

Reactor gets sabotaged

MrCheese: Evil laugh you should have listened to MrEgg!

MrEgg: Shoots MrCheese Well, sometimes you got to do it the hard way

Crewmates Win

Ghost Player: MrCheese!

Ghost MrCheese: yes

Ghost Player: Can you do me a favor?

Ghost MrCheese: yea sure

Ghost Player: Never talk to me again (Leaves game)

Ghost MrCheese: Player Next week be like "I am sorry MrCheese" ha, he is a dumb dork idiot!

The End


  • Players blames MrCheese for losing, however, Player was the reason the Impostors lost, if Player didn't tell MrEgg that MrCheese was the second Impostor, MrEgg wouldn't know that MrCheese was the second Impostor and could have killed Captain Instead of MrCheese
    • However, MrEgg could have shot MrCheese even if he didn't know, since he wanted to kill him since the beginning of the episode


Every player in the episode

Shoot the Impostor

Victory for Crewmates