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TheR1000 TheR1000 18 June

I need help!

So, I'm trying to add a section to my RP character, but it won't appear and I can't move it around. It also won't let me add an image. Anyone know how to solve these?

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East Studio East Studio 4 September 2021

the idiots blocked me

if you see these people you must sign the partition to make them stop or else you will get shot and be sent to camp

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Marionoob111 Marionoob111 1 July 2021

flying in space with marionoob 2


mini marionoob!?


rick among us(its just a rickroll)

the among us FBI

marionoob: i think someone is coming to see me for no reason at all

marionoob: oh it marionoob

mini mario:yep its me

(marionoob slaps himself 50 times)

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Marionoob111 Marionoob111 17 June 2021

flying in space with marionoob

this is in progress. do not read at this time

  • 1 Characters
  • 2 plot
    • 2.1 The questions
    • 2.2 the mandatory flashback segment
    • 2.3 now back to flying in space with marionoob



a ton of crewmates

yellow the impostor killer

the shapeshifter


a lot of impostors

a fall guy

Narrator: this is the first episode of a sub-series of a fanon made by marionoob.

Marionoob: and now i am stuck in space while trying to get to MIRA HQ lolol

narrator: Now, it is time to answer a few questions about marionoob

narrator: the first and most importantly, why is your name marionoob?

marionoob: it's because i suck at a LOT of mario games

narrator: and lastly, why are you even here right now?

marionoob: well...

marionoob: ...I was living on the Skeld and i was thinking that …

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ZStarChaser ZStarChaser 7 June 2021


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ZStarChaser ZStarChaser 6 June 2021

EPAU Template

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ZStarChaser ZStarChaser 6 June 2021

Evil Player AU (aka EPAU)

  • 1 Warning:
  • 2 Note:
  • 3 Canon Characters:
    • 3.1 Player:
    • 3.2 Text:

Hey, this is an AU (Alternate Universe) made by me. Theft of this idea won't be tolerated.

I love Player, don't get me wrong. This idea popped into my head when... I don't remember how tbh 😂 But I decided to make it a thing. This take place after the events of the Novisor series.

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Marionoob111 Marionoob111 4 June 2021

do you think i need to leave among us logic fanon wiki

i have been feeling like i will leave this wiki for a week. do you think i can do this leave starting now? say in the chat

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How I revived (shocking)

I went to my house and the Dark Power resonated with me fully and I got my corporeal form back as well as Thresher Jr's. I noticed that Thresher Jr. began developing dark power.

I signed a letter to Innersloth and did the royal petition. I was re-hired, promised to be the permanent Script keeper and go by it.

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RihannaCarinaFan404004 RihannaCarinaFan404004 4 March 2021


I love this wiki

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And… all of a sudden I'm popular

So I was laying low in this wiki. Fixing my character and talking with people. But then I met DizzyTheFriendlyBoy and he left the first message on my wall. It was one-off, just to sort out why I invited him here. Later, I started creating episode templates and all-around being more active. I added one of the newer characters, Honey, into a template. And all of a sudden I have quite a few messages on my wall and a lot of active stuff. Why and when did it happen?

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Spuppetbb Spuppetbb 2 March 2021

a request

Please, can you do that in the next AUL fanon episodes there are different characters?

Ups sorry my mistake.

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Angrybirdsfan6 Angrybirdsfan6 28 January 2021

We are hosting a Valentine's day competition!

  • 1 Context
  • 2 How do you win the competition?
  • 3 Rules for it
  • 4 End

Lets get to it.

  1. We are hosting a competition for best love story AU so if you want to compete write a love story AU
  2. just so we know that your AU is competing in the competition you must put the template .

  1. you can only make one AU to compete
  2. You must not copy some one else's entry in the competition

The competition will start on February first and will end on February 14, and bye! i can't wait to see your stories!

Note: you can start writing your AU's before the competition starts if you want to.

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Angrybirdsfan6 Angrybirdsfan6 25 January 2021


the AUL wiki has been stolen and now the new admin has been abusing his powers!!!! please report this to fandom NOW

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