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Angry Butters

Butters with party hat

This is a remake of the old Butters page. Butters is a yellow crewmate with a party hat. He is overly excited due to the fact that he has ADHD. He is Mr. Cheese's brother. His favorite thing to do is play Among Us with his sibling's friends such as Player and and The Gentleman. Reason is because he has no other friends. He also has 2 pets, which is a robot named Milk, and a mini-crewmate named Yoghurt.

In subsequent AULF episodes Butters has rarely appeared.


Player: They are just friends.

Veteran: They are also just friends, though they almost never see each other.

Mr. Cheese: They are siblings and live together.

The Gentleman: They are best friends because The Gentleman also lives with him.

Ninja: Butters relationship with Ninja is unknown due to the fact he cannot understand him. Though Ninja is most known for saying "私があなたの家族全員を殺す前に、立ち去ってください"

Gnome: He thinks that Engineer and Gnome's relationship is cute.

Goober: Everyone but Butters thinks Goober is a weirdo.

Poopyfarts96: Can't understand Poopyfarts, but thinks he is funny.

Stoner: Was his partner in geology class.

Bro: Doesn't really like Bro because he is mostly self centered.

Captain: Always listens to him because Captain is the leader.

Mother: He thinks Timmy and Franklin are cute.

Engineer: Thinks his relationship with Gnome is cute.

Angel: Butters has a bit of a crush on her due to being cute and being the only other yellow character, other than Veteran.

Sheriff: Kinda likes his accent.

B-Day: Thinks B-Day and Roses relationship is also cute.

Rose: Thinks her and B-Day's relationship is also also cute.

Blue/Monster: Thinks he is cool.

Not-Orange: Hates Not-Orange because he stole his brothers color in episode 13, also hate him because he stole the idea of having babies form Mother, and Veteran really hates his name. He was also sent to the Cheaters Lobby because of Not-Orange.

Mr. Egg: Butters absolutely hates him due to stealing his siblings role. Wishes Mr. Egg a bad day.

Thresher: Thresher calls him too excited and bullies him because of this. In subsequent episodes, the two ignore each other but Thresher calls Butters to be a worker of GameToons.

Hacker: Dislikes him because he hacks.

2oo: He is his best friend.

Alien: Thinks he is anti-social.

Octal: Also thinks he is anti-social.

Poopyfarts95: Can't understand her but thinks her dream of being a ballerina is inspirational.

Reyalp: Has neutral feelings to him, but seems to have a hard time understanding why he is best friends with Bro

Father: Thinks he is a good guy.

Gamer: Thinks he is a good player.

Milk (Butters Pet Robot)

Milk (Butters Unique Pet Robot)



Yoghurt-Mini Crewmate


- His favorite color is yellow

- His favorite food is macaroni

Butters Mini-Crewmate

- He was once sent to the Cheaters Lobby due to being framed by Not-Orange for cheating.