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Godzilla 2020 The Great Roar

When he roars at a Kaiju

Godzilla 2020 the Great is originally name as Gojira 2020 the Great and the same as Legendary Godzilla but he’s blue and more powerful. He has a friend named Godzilla fan. He is a hero and always saves the day when trouble comes. He also has revive power to revive the kaijus. He has another friend named Monsterverse chronicles Godzilla. They always team up. Sometimes he goes beast mode. He has a shrink power and grow power. He can turn into an Among Us player and roars quite loudly.


Godzilla 2020 The Great referred to Legendary Godzilla due to him not having a name at the time. He’s Original Name Is Gojira 2020 The Great


1954 Design

This is the first time he appears most of the buildings are taller than him because he was 79 meters that time and he wasn’t that powerful his pupils are tiny and less Sharp dorsal plates


and fangs short arms and big legs he has blue atomic breath he has different roar and he also saves people from other Kaijus he even swim at the ocean but faster than the 2019 and 2021 Design of Godzilla 2020 the Great he can’t breath on space yet. But he can easily overpower Kaijus by his atomic breath and he doesn’t have shrink and grow power yet, he looks a bit angry looking predator. He has no thermonuclear pulse that time but he’s atomic breath can overpower the Kaiju’s and it can also burn the buildings.

1962 Design


He still has no thermonuclear pulse, he has a lizard looking face and has yellow eyes and he’s atomic breath is now a little bit more powerful than the 1954 version of Godzilla 2020 The Great he’s atomic breath still has the same strength of 1954 version and he’s atomic breath can still overpower the Kaiju’s and destroys the buildings He’s claw was a bit sharper than 1954 his dorsal plates are a bit sharper than 1954 version and he’s Roar is now different and he can breath in space now. He’s not angry looking predator He swims quite faster than 1954 version of him He still doesn’t have grow and shrink power yet.

1973-1975 Design


He’s atomic breath is and round pig nosed face he can do a drop kick he still doesn’t have grow and shrink power he looks slimmer and he’s atomic breath is a bit more powerful than 1962 design and sharper than the other one and he’s atomic breath can make him fly he still has no thermonuclear pulse but he has a teleport power and stronger than 1962 version of Godzilla 2020 The Great.

1995 Version


He has a cat-like face with a secondary row teeth he’s getting him taller muscular and angrier looking predator he’s atomic breath is 10 times powerful than 1973-1975 version of Godzilla 2020 The Great and also he still has no thermonuclear pulse but He’s atomic breath can kill the Kaiju’s directly and destroys buildings he’s thermonuclear pulse can kill the Kaiju’s 1 time and collapses the buildings.

2000 Version


He’s now size as 1973-1975 version of Godzilla 2020 The Great he’s atomic breath is orange and sharp purple spine and jagged skin and reptilian looking face and when a kaiju bites him he’s skin turns light and kills the kaiju which is similar from the thermonuclear pulse he has no thermonuclear pulse in this version but he’s atomic breath can Push the Kaiju’s.

2019 Design

The old design is so sharp and has normal thermonuclear design This old design is very different from Legendary Godzilla’s, And he has atomic breath but it is colorful The colors of the atomic


breath is Blue, Pink, And Green And Has A Thermonuclear Pulse And also has The same color Blue, Pink, Green He’s Dorsal Plates Are Very Sharp And he’s claws are not that sharp And He’s Chin Is Rough When he’s about to release his atomic breath he’s Body Becomes Colorful And He’s eyes Is Blue And He’s 120 Meters He’s Gills Are Blue And Glowing And His Dorsal Plates Are Staying Glowing. He’s Similar As A Crocodile And He’s Face Is Rough. He’s Size Is 120 Meters And 4724.41 Inches And 12000 Centimeters And 393.701 Foot He’s Feet Is Wide He’s Neck Is Straight.

2021 Design

While retaining the same basic design as his 2019 appearance The New design is very Normal And Glowing And The Dorsal Plates Are Less Sharp Than The Old Design And This New design is very The same As Legendary Godzilla’s, He’s dorsal plates are similar from his 1954 Design And He’s Atomic Breath Is Blue And It’s not colorful anymore. And he has Blue thermonuclear Pulse And When someone attacks him he can’t get hurt When Godzilla 2020 The Great Punches A Kaiju It Flies Very Far Away And He will turn Neon Only On Dark Night And


He Has Beast Mode Now. and He’s bigger Than Before He’s Face Is Now Legendary Godzilla looking And He’s Eyes Is Blue When He’s Glowing When He’s about to Release His Atomic Breath His dorsal plates Will Become Colorful And He’s 120 Meters and his Gills trippy He’s The same As Legendary Godzilla’s Body Parts And He’s Size Is 139 Meters Now And Bigger Than The old Design 5472.44 Inches And 13900 Centimeters And 456.037 Foot And He’s Feet Is Now Smooth And Sharp Claws And He’s Neck Is Still Straight And His Atomic Breath Is More Powerful Than Before And He’s dorsal plates has lasers now And He’s body has lasers And He Can Breath In Space Now And He’s Footsteps can be heard very far away And He’s Roar Can Be Heard From Very Far Away And He’s Atomic Breath Can Reach all away To Another Planet But can destroy it And He’s Roar Is Very Loud That can hurt Anybody’s Ears And It also Hurts The Kaiju Ears And Also Sea Monsters Ears.



Hes dorsal plates are long and sharp and he has a different look and has long arm power he still has a the same strength he’s Atomic breath have 2 Colors It’s Blue and Red He still has beast mode And he can run and swim 280 Mph He’s still has the same size from 2021 design of him and can overpower Kaijus easily he’s roar is now different from the 2021 Design of him his foot steps are still heard as far away He has a radiation stream that is a variation of Thermonuclear Pulse That he can protect himself if a kaiju bites him he’s still has neon light in dark light has a shadow effect and some of his powers are still the same as his 2021 Design and some are not.

Among Us


Just Normal...


He’s Roar is Also The Same As Legendary Godzilla’s But His roar Is More Louder And His Roar Pushes The Kaiju’s. he Even Does A Victory Roar When He Defeat A Kaiju He roars at a kaiju when a kaiju is attacking the city and the people. He’s Roar Can Be Heard From Far Away. And His Roar Is Very Loud That Can Hurt Anybody’s Ears. And It Also hurts the Kaiju’s ears And Sea Monster’s Ears And Also Sea Monsters Ears.




He Only turn neon if it’s night even he turns neon in a dark place and turns neon in a neon city and also turns neon underwater he can’t turn neon in day light because the there is already a light.



He turns shadow sometimes because a Kaiju won’t find him and attack him And turns back to normal he also turns Shadow when it’s dark night like the neon even underwater.


He Is A predator And Does Not Attack People And Has Ultimate Atomic Breath The Old Version Atomic Breath Is Colorful And The New Design Is Now Only Blue Like Legendary Godzilla’s And He’s Roar Can Be Heard As Far Away And His Atomic Breath Can Reach The Planets Very Far away. And He’s Roar Is Very Loud It Causes Anybody To hurt their ears And also The Kaiju’s Ears.


He Can Use His Atomic Breath In Water And Can Fight Kaiju’s And Sea Monsters Underwater And His Claw Is Very Sharper Than Other Kaiju’s And He Is Very Powerful Than Anyone Else Appears And If A Kaiju Punches Him He Cant Get Hurt And Cant Move.


Ultimate Atomic Breath


The 1954 Versions Atomic breath is not that powerful but can easily hurt Kaijus and destroy buildings.


The Old Version’s Atomic Breath Is colorful and attacks kaijus He attacks all Enemies With His Atomic Breath And Pushes The Kaijus And The Old Version Atomic Breath Can Push The Kaiju’s Fire Breath And Knocks The Kaiju Down


The New Version’s Atomic Breath Is Now Very Powerful Than Before And His New version Atomic Breath Pushes The Kaijus Very Far Away And Overpowers The Kaiju’s Fire Breath When The Kaiju’s Fire Breath Gets closer to his Mouth And He’s Atomic Breath Pushes The Kaiju Down And Knocks The Kaiju Down Directly.



The 1954 versions claw is not that sharp but can overpower Kaijus.


The Old Version’s Claw Is Not actually Sharp But can Hurt Other Kaijus


The New Version’s Claw Is Very Sharp And Hurt Other Kaijus Directly And Kaijus Get overpowered When He Scratch The Kaiju, The Kaiju Gets OverPowered Directly.

Tail Slap


The 1954 version’s tail slap can destroy the buildings and also Kaijus.


The Old Version’s Tail Slap Can Knock The Kaiju Down.


The New Version’s Tail Slap Knocks The Kaiju Down And Overpowers it directly even it Overpowers The Sea Monsters.



The 1954 versions swimming He's faster than 2021 and 2019 Version


The Old Version’s Swim Is Faster Than Legendary Godzilla’s


The New Version’s Swim Is Slower Than The Old Version And Normal Speed Of Legendary Godzilla’s

Thermonuclear Pulse


The 1954 version of him was not that powerful but can burn the buildings.


The old version’s Thermonuclear Pulse has multiple colors and also the same strength as thermonuclear Godzilla.


The New Version’s Thermonuclear Pulse Is only blue but more powerful than the old one and also Thermonuclear Godzilla’s.

Among us


Bow & Arrow





  • He Is A Blue Thermonuclear Godzilla he does not eat Kaijus
  • He’s Roar Can Push The Kaijus and he’s roar can be heard far away and it’s 100 times louder than Godzilla
  • He’s Atomic Breath Can Overpower The Other Kaijus well he’s atomic breath is red in beast mode and his atomic breath is blue in normal
  • He’s Swim Is Slower Than The Old Version.


He Is Also The same as Legendary Godzilla And Blue thermonuclear and blue atomic breath but more powerful. And he’s original is Gojira 2020 The Great.