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Hacker is a fan made Among Us Logic character by Angrybirdsfan6. Hacker is a hacker that means that he cheats in the game with no one stopping him.


Other Cheaters

Hacker likes other cheaters in Among Us.



Hacker looks at Player as a noob in Among Us so he is using his hacking skills he makes sure that Player never wins.


He sees Mother as a typical mom and makes fun of her children when ever he has a chance


father kept on standing up for his children when ever hacker made fun of them


Hacker does not like how he sounds like


Hacker did not believe Thresher’s theory and doubted it.


He likes to worsen any ones’ playing experience by hacking


  • In Among Us Logic 17 he makes player lose even though player killed him as imposter
  • Hacker can switch from imposter to crewmate at any time (as shown in Among Us Logic 19)
  • He got banned from playing the game ever again in Among Us Logic 20 and is seen in the gif/clip "Angel vs Hacker" where Hacker keeps reviving himself using hacks and Angel keeps violating the kill cooldown to repeatedly kill him
  • In Among Us Logic 25 he returned in a new computer to cause more chaos in the game like making himself the owner of the lobby, killing imposters when he is a crewmate and making it seem like no one voted him and redirected the votes to others
  • In Among Us Logic 29, Thresher told him that in two games he would be put in the Cheaters’ Lobby.
  • In Among Us Logic 30 he got permanently banished to the Cheaters’ Lobby and tried to apologize to Innersloth but Innersloth does not accept his request (for obvious reasons) and never appeared in another episode ever again.