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I'm sorry, Officer, but for the sake of everyone, I'm keeping a close watch on you.

–Octal, talking to Officer Geraint, AULF 176

Octal, stylized as Ωκtal, is an alien(shh the government shouldn't know) who plays Among Us as more of a roleplayer.

He doesn't have much of a natural voice, though he sometimes takes specific sounds from others. He's also a tiny bit of a shape-shifter, but doesn't use it often. One of the few exceptions was when he… kind of turned into a speaker in communications and started a dance party there. He also pretended to have an AI there… it was hilarious.

The only mod he uses is a jumping mod to parkour easier. That's it. He likes to hide in odd places to avoid death or capture, though some have gotten used to it.

Note: He doesn't truly hack, as mods have their description upfront. A real hack is one that modifies the client without installation or permission from the user.

Oddly enough, Thresher gave him his ancestral sword, an heirloom he vowed to keep safe through all that hit him, and one he would give back if he is unable to keep it for any reason(like death).

Sometimes, he brings the Hero of the White Tree, Prism, as a mini crewmate.

Later on, he joined Innersloth. Slowly, he's started getting tired of Thresher's dictatorship and has joined the race of slightly rebellious Innersloth workers who believe that true justice does not rely on Thresher.

After Officer Geraint's police force took over from the FBI, Octal watched them closely. He disapproved of their actions, and now has them on his watch list.


  • He likes to parkour.
  • He's also known for beating OoIDC jumpless — with a single fling!
  • He's a master of fling control. He's even known for mimicking a jump via fling.
  • Sometimes, he uses code talk to communicate whether he's a crewmate or impostor… good luck figuring it out!
  • Holds the 100% Among Us Tasks speedrun world record by a huge margin.
  • Often used as a baseline for TAS, even in non-Among Us settings.



Officer Red

Communism seems idealistic, but surely there's a way it could work?


He feels sorry that he never wins.


Has no friends since betraying Player. (Also uses him as a medium to get Player to forgive him)

Mr. Egg

Awesome egg puns.


He's the second person who understands farts.


The above's sister.


Player's brother!


Why is he in the cheaters' lobby?


Won't be able to leave his lobby without him.


Maybe she thinks he's weird, but does that really matter? Besides, their creators became friends, so it's only natural!




Two Fandom users who know each other.


See above.


See above.

Mini TheGentleman

See above.

Blaze the Warrior

He was a good friend. He's now an Innersloth worker. We're now true allies.


He helped him defeat Colossal Demon.


Mr. Cheese

A friend of Player(and half-jerk), but not so good.


Sees him as proof that he's not the only of his kind in Among Us, but doesn't like his hostility to other crewmates and believes that he gave him and others a bad light.


His name is not No-Visor! It's Aiden! Guys, give him some respect!

Umm… he tried to eat my soul. Nope, not havin' any of that.



I just plain don't like him.


Why is he Bro's friend!?


Some hacks are completely unacceptable. He takes Among Us seriously(as his first "game" wasn't a game; it was real, and he finds it odd that InnerSloth made a game so similar to his encounter.) and hates hacks that ruin the very definition of the game, like crewmates killing impostors, impostors doing tasks, etc.


I just love it when someone is after me because of who I am and then calls the FBI on me and then I have to rely on a violent mob to leave.




Arc I main antagonist


Arc I supporting antagonist

Sire Sirol

Arc II main antagonist

Timmy and Franklin

Ever since they hacked, they're dead to him.

Fake ForteGreen

He was the ForteGreen who betrayed them.


He betrayed Innersloth.

Thresher Jr.

Thresher's adopted son.


He took Thresher's position and abused it. He also summoned Colossal Demon.

Colossal Demon

Let's toss him to GAT! (he'll probably vomit to death there)



Doesn't agree that he's anti-social but does agree on his lack of social skills.

Ms. Pink

Used to hate her but now understands her more. NOTE: Cannot tolerate this "hot" nonsense!

Ms. Ice Cream

If you don't like it when people get close, then don't be surprised when they keep their distance!


He was always ready to stand by and defend her children, but ever since they hacked, Mother became a normal crewmate to him.

Everyone Else(mostly)



Kate File

I have no idea about him.


One leads to another.


He appeared in Among Us Logic X(not 10) where he hid in the airlock to block the flying knives. Hacker tried but failed to get him. Octal managed to get him to use his own hacks to report himself to Innersloth. He(Hacker) is now stuck in the Cheaters' Lobby.

He was also found in Among Us Logic I(for Infection), where he finally found a practical use for flings. He managed to catch an infected Player disguising himself and promptly flung to a tree.

Also found in Among Us Logic XI, where he stuck with MrCheese noting that no one was killed and that the task bar had 10 parts, when it should have had 8.

Among Us Logic Fanon Lobby - He made it!

Ban Sequences - Nearly got banned before the people in the lobby admitted that a vast majority agreed to it(as he always does).

Regarding the Script

I mostly agree with it, but I stoutly disagree with the idea that mini crewmates should be arrested based off of age alone.

Biggol list o' quotes

  • "Just wallwalk and I should be safe. Here we go, 'round the Skeld…" - Octal, trying not to get sniped while attempting to call a meeting.
  • "I basically never do it without the permission of the owner and majority. I agree it's unnecessary; flings are enough." - Octal to Thresher, after pushing Hacker to where he belongs.
  • "We should get out of here before Butters comes back." - Octal to Alien after Butters finds out about their secret
  • "Haha! Knowledge is not enough; skill is needed too." - Octal to 2oo after 2oo finds him hiding behind a light
  • "Is that really Thresher? It looks like him, but he behaves differently." - Octal to no one in particular after seeing Thresher's dark side
  • "Alien? You were saying something about Aiden?" - Octal after No-Visor died
  • "Well, this is quite the predicament." - Octal to himself in Episode 10
  • "In this version…" - Octal to Sus in Episode 24
  • "Okay, why do I have a sword!?" - I think he's been promoted…
  • "Wait, someone obfuscated code on line 1250. Let me decode… SOMEONE IN INNERSLOTH PUT MALICIOUS CODE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. LEVEL 4 ALERT." - uh oh
  • "I'll need Level 10 clearance, but it can be done. See airship/movement.js, line 254 for details." - delete amogus plz
  • "HAHA… no." - Pretending to be an antagonist :>
  • "You turned out to be nothing more than a dirty hacker, cheater, and criminal." - Scolding Dennythedog, AULF 72
  • "I don't get it. I'm neither a full crewmate nor impostor. I feel like a gray area. Who even am I!? Do I even exist? Do you exist? Does anything exist!? It's all such a mess!"


  • He can manipulate light, as shown in Among us logic Fanon 24.
  • He absolutely hates the needle tongue.
  • He is the security manager at Innersloth.
  • He helped repair Not-Lime's Smart Visor after Sire Sirol tried to take it apart.
  • When agitated, he can turn into something like a ninja star.
  • His hands can, in a way, grow claws. When they spin rapidly, they form a sort of sawblade, which, through minimal effort, can even pierce vibranium.


No point in explaining here. See the infobox…(still WIP)

Digitized Corruption

After the events of AULF 162, Glitch locked Octal into his inverse state, then corrupted him. He looks similar to Monovoid, except many white details are now red because of the corruption.