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Phoenix, known as Phoenic (pronounced fennec) by his local kind, is an anti-hero in the series. He is a crewmate that can automatically turn into a phoenix.


Phoenix is not allowed to wear any hat due to his abilities. But he can gain wings to fly then turn into an actual phoenix.


Phoenix normally wants peace, but fights in war occasionally. He is extremely confident when he fights.


Currently none but Phoenix says idc


Flaming Burn: Phoenix summons a stream of fire at an opponent dealing MASSIVE burn marks.

Phoenic Spear: Phoenix pulls out a dagger and aims it at the heart of an opponent.


  • A phoenix is an immortal bird that never dies. The same goes for this Phoenix.
  • He can transform and de-transform to/from a phoenix anytime he wants.
  • Phoenix has the ability to absorb dark and corrupted power
  • He destroyed Colossal Demon.
  • His next target is Glitch.